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This pandemic is for the birds...

I am really proud that APA has adapted as well as we have to life with COVID 19. In addition to the licensing regulations we have implemented, we are checking temperatures at the door, and not allowing any individuals that are considered non essential in the building. We are sanitizing toys on the daily during nap time. We have hired a secondary cleaning crew that sprays a disinfecting mist throughout the school each night. We have converted our keypad code entry system to a touch free key fob system. We have handsfree soap and paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms, and we have priced sensor faucets. There are handsfree sanitizer dispensers in every room throughout the building. Our bathrooms are virtually touch free. It's been a real learning experience and we continue to grow and evolve as each day passes. We are always open to suggestions from our clients on how to further slow the spread of this virus!!

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