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Seven Months of Covid 19- Where are we?

I recently sent this email to the families of APA. I wanted to see where they stood regarding COVID 19. Its difficult to create a policy when the nature of the pandemic is always changing. My next blog will include the results of the survey!

Good Morning, I recently communicated with y'all that we updated our

parent handbook. It should be accessible to everyone via the APA

website on Friday. It's been just about three years since APA opened,

and we have grown and adapted in so many ways that it was naturally time

to revisit and update many of our policies. One topic in particular

caused me a quite a bit of frustration and consternation.

Unfortunately, COVID 19 has been part of life for seven months now. It

seems as though the rules and policies surrounding COVID 19 are

constantly changing. Much of the way we have responded to the evolution

of COVID 19 at this preschool has been a direct result of the HHSC. In

my opinion, some of the directives seem to be a bit much and some of

them seem to miss the target altogether. I wanted to send an email to

you- the families that make up APA, to see where you are on this topic.

Please click the link below and give us your input, so I feel a little

more confident in the direction I chose to take our preschools policy in

at this time. Thanks, Ms. Ange

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