Thank you for choosing Aggieland Preschool for your child’s early care and education needs. We believe children deserve high-quality care, education, and we believe children develop to their highest potential when they are allowed to explore and experience the world through hands-on activities and interactions. The center staff has chosen this field as their profession and strives to maintain best practices in early care and education. Communication between your family and the center is vital; therefore, we practice an “Open Door” policy and welcome your visits, comments, and suggestions.

Aggieland Preschool exists to promote the educational and personal development of every child and staff member who enters our doors. We will respect every child, parent, and coworker by keeping lines of communication open and confidentiality a priority.

Welcome to Aggieland

Preschool Academy


Classes For All Ages


From crawling and walking, to shapes and numbers, this classroom is dedicated to letting your child experience the world around them in exciting and engaging ways.


Threes & Fours

At three and four, your children will be focusing on developing more complex, gross-motor functions such as running and skipping. We'll also be focusing on more social development like keeping one's hands to themselves as well as potty training.


Ones & Twos

These couple of years are designed to develop your child's fine motor skills such as self-feeding and picking up small objects. As well as beginning the development of your child's social skills.